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You have a choice:

  1. You avoid doing the things you enjoy and let panic and anxiety win.
  2. You take medication and still suffer as the core issues stay present.
  3. Remove the blocks, allow neurons in the brain to make healthy positive mindset changes using Hypnotherapy and mind techniques to access the non-conscious or subconscious part of the mind.

This part of the mind controls emotions and feelings, habits, involuntary body functions, creativity, developmental stages, long term memory, relationship patterns, intuition and spiritual connection. 88% of the mind is running from the nonconscious and many cannot access this without assistance.

“Can’t believe it, I got past dinas mountain bit and managed to control it!
Thank you very much for your help – with out it I’m sure we would still be there! “

This week I received a phone call whilst this person was panicking about driving home. Some years previously, they had to drive home, earlier than expected, through an unfamiliar route and during a heavy storm. They were having to hurry as they received news of a family member who was very ill and had to be by their side as soon as possible. This created a fear and the fear attached itself to storms, built up traffic and unfamiliar routes. Whenever they drove again on holiday or a long distance, panic started to increase at the thought of driving. They felt like they had to drive as no-one else could drive and if they didn’t, their family wouldn’t have a holiday to enjoy.

Once we spoke, I immediately took away the panic with Psycho-sensory techniques. This took the panic feeling away, from a 10 to a zero, but when they thought about driving home, they had feelings which they described as their stomach flipping. We spoke about the core issues of how this started. I used some other techniques with left/right brain work and tapping and vagus nerve work. Vagus nerve work increases spinal cord sympathetic neurons – post and pre-synaptic, which join peripheral sympathetic neurons.

During hypnosis, I took them into a deep trance and embedded those suggestions to keep the body calm, which keeps the autonomic nervous system working well during moments of uncertainty, so that the logic, rational mind can come into focus and decisions are made easier. Confidence builds when challenges arise and this is practiced. I embedded those suggestions with lots of post hypnotic language, which means each time they drive, no matter where they go, they will be in a calm and focused state of mind.

If you’re requiring help with fears, anxiety or panic, please contact us today. We may be able to help you.

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