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Firstly, how would you know? without revisiting the incident or event that caused the change in you - you can clear it using hypnosis methods - which means no dragging up the story time after time to work with you, no need to relive it, this is known as IMR (read more), why not contact me and we can discuss it further.

childhood traumaTRAUMA

Trauma is defined as a sudden event that explodes you views on life, this could be a tragic accident where in the aftermath there is extreme grief which leads to uncertainty, fear which causes physical pain and struggling to make sense of things around you, a way forward in life or your world view.

These can manifest in many ways and affect how we act in the world, for example:

I need to always be alert: Feeling a lack of safety, hyper vigilance, negative outlooks on outcomes, someone is late, you think the worst.

I only look out for me, i have to protect me, take care of me: Lack of security, no trust in other people, over independence, unable to form meaningful relationships

As you can see, there are many scenarios in which a childhood event witnessed by you can still have affects on you today, something you witnessed which may have been trivial at the time, not consciously registered at that moment, however, grew like a seed in your sub-conscious and manifests today by inducing emotional responses which limit you from being at full potential, please do not worry, non judgemental help is at hand - contact Tracy today see what you can release


Working with the sub-conscious hypnosis directly allows the mind to quieten (chatter) focus on whatever the subject needing resolution is and allowing the time and space to clear them by various methods used by the hypnotherapist:

This  can be done in one session or depending on level and intensity of the issues may take a couple of sessions, this will be discussed and made clear to you before any agreement is made!

You really do not need to suffer for things of the past - contact us now and lets get to work to make the future a much happier, better more productive place, to contact Tracy click here


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