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A scientist at the University of Liverpool has found that hypnosis can slow down the impacts of dementia and improve quality of life for Alzheimer patients in seven main areas:

  • Concentration on daily tasks thus retaining valued independence
  • Relaxation thereby reducing anxiety which is a common feature
  • Motivation, which helps to avoid depressive states
  • Undertaking daily activities and keeping active
  • Short term memory retention
  • Memory for significant life events
  • Socialization, thereby avoiding the tendency for self-isolation and depression.

Forensic psychologist, Dr. Simon Duff, Department of Clinical Psychology at Liverpool University, investigated the effects of hypnosis on people living with dementia. His study compared the treatment to mainstream health-care methods and to a type of group therapy which encourages participants to discuss news and current affairs.

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dementia hypnosis


Tracy Swift is a Dementia Therapy Specialist

What this means is; Tracy is qualified and certified to deal with all aspects of dementia in a therapeutic setting, this can be used for improving the following conditions/symptoms:

  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Relaxation
  • motivation
  • improve activities for daily living
  • immediate memory
  • memory of significant events
  • socialization
  • overall quality of life

Overall - life improvements can be made to help with daily coping and making things a little easier on all concerned

Living well with dementia is transforming a malignant life of dementia into a productive life of REMENTIA. Rementia is defined as the regaining of lost cognitive functional abilities. People living with dementia and their caregivers can benefit from hypnosis to help them to have a better quality of life.