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The Science of Suggestibility

While most people equate hypnosis with swinging pocket watches and the old "you are getting very sleepy" line, it's actually very similar to guided meditation and helps coax the patient into a hyper-attentive mental state in which he or she is most open to positive suggestions from the hypnotherapist. Think of it as plugging affirmations straight into your brain, sans self-doubt.

"By accessing this subconscious part of the brain, we can bypass all the negative critical thinking and open inward to an awareness of potential and knowledge. Your imagination and creativity are free to explore all kinds of solutions and game plans to situations," Lerman said, who equates a hypnotic trance to something we've all encountered at one point or another. Ever been so absorbed in an activity that you didn't hear our name when it was called?

The Science of Suggestibility

So, how exactly does a session of hypnotherapy help the client:

  • It allows an understanding of thought processes (both consciously and sub consciously)
  • Helps analyze your thought processing and belief system in place (nurtured mindset)
  • Analyze reactions to stimuli, how your responses manifest
  • Stop negative thinking and limiting beliefs that direct your path forward (change work)
  • constant work in self hypnosis (techniques given) you learn coping mechanisms until they become automated
  • Helps relaxation in presence of others if social interaction was difficult
  • Gets to the source of issues and problems perceived and eradicates them

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Eliminate anxiety disorders and fears - learning to cope

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your generalised anxiety disorder symptoms (GAD). You will understand how to relax, how to generate those relaxed feelings on demand, when you need to, take control of your anxiety and resolve the issues and experiences that lie at the root of the problem.