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Your mind will re-calibrate to eat the healthy foods that your body requires to live and let go of the weight.

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D.I.E.T. Done It Enough Times?

How many diets have you attempted and found you’ve:

  1. Reached goals but it felt impossible to maintain it and felt your social life was suffering, so ended up gradually putting all the weight back on.
  2. Managed to go so far and just couldn’t keep up momentum as your heart wasn’t in it or you lost interest or track or didn’t have the support around you?
  3. Bought the book or programme, took one look and never started as there was some excuse running through your mind?

There could be more options here, but these are the main three where people fail with diets. We don’t recommend a diet but a new lifestyle that gives you the freedom to explore new tastes, healthy living where you really listen to your body and feed it health and vitality. Often stress, trauma or other issues have helped pile on the weight and these are best released before anything else.
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The more you listen and practice letting go of past issues and tuning into your body, the more your mind will really work for you in better ways.